About PYPT and IYPT
The International Young Physicists’Tournament, IYPT, is a theoretical and practical competition involves teams of five high school students from all over the world, preparing solutions to seventeen problems. The official language in IYPT is English, and IYPT is a member of WFPHC (World Federation of Physics Competition). IYPT was initially organized in 80’s in Moscow. As the popularity grew, this tournament spread out and different countries started to participate. These days, the competition attracts teams from nearly thirty countries and takes place in a different country each year.
The rules for presentation of the results, opposition, reviewing and judgment by the independent jury are fixed in the Regulations of IYPT.
During each Physics Fight (PF) students have not only to present their solution to one of the 17 problems as chosen by their opponent but they have to oppose the presentation of other students. The reporter then has to defend his solution against the opponent. The reviewer then summarizes what have been done by reporter and opponent (all the information are in the Regulations).

PersianYoung Physicists’ Tournament (PYPT)


PYPT is the official qualification tournament for the Iranian students. To distinguish Iranian Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) from the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT), the Persian Young Physicists’ Tournament and the acronym (PYPT) has been chosen. Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute (AYIMI) holds this tournament in Iran every year to select the best team for IYPT. All the teams are represented by teams (from 3-5 members) .The PYPT competition is carried out in a period determined by the PYPT Committee. Iran has participated in IYPT/ AYPT from 2007 .

IYPT 2011, Tehran





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